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Stop wasting time swiping, and start something meaningful.
Say Allo to someone new today.

Start with what's important — Compatibility.

We're like a GPS for your love life.
Spend less time swiping, and more time making real (compatible) connections.

Compatibility Score

We want you to find your next great relationship.

Each profile shows your unique compatibility score to help take the guesswork out of knowing you’re a match – or not.

Compatibility Index

Say Allo is powered by a continuous learning algorithm that learns interests and attraction with every swipe.  With a compatibility index co-developed by an original developer of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dr. Brian Shaw, PhD, you spend less time swiping and more time making connections with people who are looking for the same things as you.

When you date for compatibility, your chances of finding your match increase by 6x.

Say Allo to compatibility

Swipe Smarter

SmartSwipe is the easiest way to make informed decisions about your future relationship.


Finding your match should be less about mindlessly swiping through an array of profiles you may never meet, and more about finding a compatible match. SmartSwipe does that.

Knowledge is power

Find out who likes you, who’s swiped left, and who’s eager to make a connection!  If you made a mistake and accidentally swiped left, you also get a second chance to reverse your decision!

Start the conversation

This is your ticket to the front of the line to introduce yourself and say "Allo".  Icebreakers are a great tool to let someone know you’re interested without having to swipe.

Meet Over Video. Face to Face.

Why travel to the other side of town based on a few messages and a “feeling”.
See if there’s a spark, and know before you go!

Date Virtually

Video dating saves you time and gets you to a real relationship faster.

Safe and stress-free

Messaging is so 2019. It’s time to make a real connection!

Video dating on Say Allo is safe and secure, allowing you to control the conversation. You are never required to give out your full name, phone number or other sensitive information.


Your preferences are learned over time to personalize your experience to guide you to better matches.


The more you use the app, the smarter the app becomes so you spend less time swiping and more time making meaningful connections.


Never wonder if someone is too good to be true. Say Allo screens profiles to make sure you’re making “real” connections.

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Meet Someone New

Speed date from the comfort of your couch. Slippers optional.

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