March 26, 2020

Here's what you need to know about using video chat on Say Allo

Maybe this sounds familiar…you’ve just matched on Say Allo.  84% compatibility!  The messaging banter is off the charts.  You’re really feeling the connection and you think to yourself, “could this be the ONE!?  Damn social distancing has me locked down.  How could I know for sure??

Say Allo.  Literally. Through Say Allo's video chat feature and see for yourself if the connection that you’re feeling is really the spark you’ve been looking for!

Getting Started

Setting up a video date is as easy!  After you match, simply tap on the Video Chat button, select a date and time to send an invitation and tap OK!  Once your invitation is accepted, your date is set up!

It’s that easy!  

Another option is sending a live video chat request while actively messaging your new match.  Simply tap on the green video icon in the message window to send your request.  Once accepted, you’re LIVE.

Here’s a few tips to knock your first virtual (video) date out of the park.

Plan your virtual date as you would meeting IRL (in real life).  Set a date and time that works for both of you, and don’t be a flake!  

Moving around the date after its been scheduled is a surefire way to make sure you don’t get the 1st…or 2nd date!

First impressions mean everything.  

Take into consideration your setting, as the other person’s whole focus will be on you and the environment around you.  If you have dirty laundry laying around, you may want to pick that up.  Remember, the more comfortable you are in your setting, the more comfortable you’ll be on camera.

Put the same amount of effort into how you present yourself as if you were meeting live – because you are.  

Social distancing doesn’t mean showing up to your first virtual date in sweatpants.  Save that for the 4th video date when you’re choosing what Netflix you want to watch together!

If you’re nervous about a video date, consider shooting a video of yourself.  

Use your phone’s camera to see exactly what the other person will see.  Or try doing a video call with your best friend to get their opinion and ease your nerves.  Definitely avoid sharing with the overly critical family member or friend, as that will only increase your anxiety!

Don’t forget to charge up before the date!  

You don’t want to be at the pinnacle moment in your conversation when you see sparks begin to fly as he shares how cute your smile is, only to have the video cut out as your phone dies!

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