July 9, 2020

A How-To Guide To Making A Great First Impression

For most people, first dates are super nerve-racking. Butterflies in the tummy, sweaty palms and maybe a racing heartbeat.

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

You want everything to go well and have a good time, but you also want to present your best self to fuel desire in your date and score the opportunity for a second date.

As humans, we are highly visual creatures, so it’s key to pay special attention to your appearance: your outfit, grooming, hair and makeup. Feeling good about how you look on the outside will boost your confidence, which is, ultimately, the most attractive quality you can have.

To learn more about how we can look our best on these crucial dates, I spoke with Carla Nelson, a personal stylist who works with celebrities, models, actors, authors and entrepreneurs. Through her one-on-one approach Carla teaches that style and the right attitude lead to life changing moments, and a bigger bottomline.

During the interview Carla shares tips on:

  • Choosing outfits that are flattering and highlight your best features.
  • Looking our best on video dates by using the right lighting and wearing the right makeup.
  • Confidence rituals that will gear you up to bring your A-game on first dates.  

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Written by:

Seline Shenoy
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